Achiote Pork Carnitas

Achiote Pork Carnitas






Step 1
Combine rub ingredients to a paste.
Step 2
Thoroughly coat Pork with the rub and allow to sit while you prepare the sauce.
Step 3
Dissolve Achiote in your hot water.
Step 4
Then combine all remaining ingredients in a Crock Pot. *Less your pork*
Step 5
Mix well before adding your Pork
Step 6
Set to low for 8 hours
Step 7
Shred the pork in the Crock Pot and sauce
Step 8
In a medium/ high heat pan. Add one portion of pork in an even layer.
Step 9
Toss gently and cook until it begins crisp on the edges.
Step 10
Then serve it however you like.

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